Yes, all of our soaps are crafted and produced in Tasmania, Australia.

Yes absolutely, the ingredients used in the manufacturing of our soaps are all natural & are palm oil free.

Using only the best all natural ingredients, our soaps contain no artificial colours or fragrances. Instead, our fragrances are all obtained using essential oils.
If we can't find an essential oil to compliment a particular soap (which is rarely), we will leave it unscented.

For colours, we look to nature using clays, vegetable and fruit powders, purees and old fashioned plant infusions. Beautiful to look at, lovely to smell, and absolutely no 'weird' stuff included.

Yes, the manufacture of our soaps are created using only very specific ingredients and each one's can provide potential health benefits.

They include:
anti-aging and anti-wrinkle; helps to heal acne-prone skin; anti-inflammatory properties; exfoliate and tone skin; aid relief from arthritis and muscle aches; antiseptic and pain fighting components; promote a radiant complexion; enhance elasticity; helps with itchy skin; remove blackheads; reduce dryness; tighten pores and tone skin; natural exfoliant; relieves skin irritation and inflammation.

Firstly; our soaps look, smell, and lather fantastically.

Next; our soaps are created with love and care either personally or overseen by Susan, the businesses owner.

Lastly, but not least; the prices we charge comparatively are the lowest in the industry.