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When I was much younger, I was an artist. Painting, drawing, creating. Art for arts sake. It’s easy, until life gets in the way. It gets harder and harder to find the time to do all those things when you’re paying bills, changing nappies and generally trying to make ends meet. Eventually I forgot about creating art and just focussed on working.

Until one day, a few years back, I started the journey of making all-natural soaps. Initially it was just as a hobby and for use by my family and friends who all seemed to really like the soaps I would make.

Then along came the pandemic. Bad in so many ways. But a friend told me of a friend who makes all-natural soap overseas and does it successfully as a business.  As I now had a lot of spare time, due to lockdowns etc, I started researching soap and soap companies online. All the different types, looks, scents…There was a lot to it. But…BOY! 2 birds – 1 stone. Create and sell a wonderful product people love…Could it get any better than that?

There’s been a lot to learn along the way. And every day I still learn something. What different natural colourants will do, how they mix, how they last. Essential oils and natural fragrances…botanicals, etc. How to incorporate these all into a soap that not only smells beautiful but looks and feels amazing too. It’s a fun, if sometimes frustrating, journey walking the line between art and science.

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  1. Really interesting and am looking forward to trying out these soaps once my order arrives

    1. Thanks for the comment, and we are certain you’ll love our soaps which were shipped out today.

  2. Goօԁ article. I definitely appreciate this site. Stick with it!

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