Our soaps are manufactured using only 100% all natural ingredients.

Our soaps are all created and produced in Tasmania, Australia and we only use the best all natural ingredients, clays and oils and contain no artificial colours or fragrances.

Instead, our fragrances are all essential oils.
If we can’t find an essential oil to compliment a particular soap, we will leave it unscented.

For colours, we look to nature using clays, vegetable and fruit powders, purees and old-fashioned plant infusions.

Beautiful to look at, lovely to smell, and absolutely no ‘weird’ stuff included.

The minimum size of each soap bar is 100gms.

Some of Best Sellers & Customer Favourites


Turmeric, Ginger & Orange

Lavender Swirl

Peppermint & French Clay

Our Soaps are "Simply The Best"

What We Stand For

Our soaps are all Palm Oil Free.

Free of animal testing.

Fully Vegan

Made in Tasmania

Our Soap Range


Beautifully smelling bars, that lather up perfectly.
Each bar is individually boxed and labelled.

Lathers really nicely. Can be used for hand, body and hair washing. Bottles are labelled.

Same as our hand & body wash range. But are discounted as they're not boxed or labelled.